Title Search & Insurance

1.  What is a Title Search?

Title is a large portion of the closing cost and not many buyers seem to fully understand the significance of a “title search”. Simply put, a title search is a background check on the property (e.g., who owns the house, who holds the title for the property, any outstanding liens, back taxes, conflicting wills etc.) Counterfeit titles are out there and a trusted title company is critical to use during a purchase transaction. Many times Buyers, although paying for it, have no idea how reputable the title company is.

2.  What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance ensures and protects the lender and the buyer from any defects on the title.

3.  How do I prepare for a Sheriff Sale?

A sheriff sale auction is the last step of a foreclosure process. As a Buyer, there are many ways to prepare for a Sheriff sale such as preparing your financing, getting the  property appraised, conducting a title search for your protection & more.

4.  What is a Lien Search?

 A lien against a property means there is a “debt” to be paid first before a homeowner can sell the house. There are different types of liens such as mortgage lien, mechanics lien, tax lien, and judgement lien.



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